How it all began

Our History

Our History

You can’t build a great building without a solid foundation and you can’t build a ministry like MMM without the proper base and structure, either. It all started in 1975, when Mobile Mission Maintenance was established to provide practical, hands-on support for isolated missionaries in outback Australia. We’ve come a long way since then.

Today, built on a foundation of faith and trust in God, MMM sends work teams to cities, regional centres and even the most remote areas to provide professional design expertise, practical services and tradesmen, support, encouragement and friendship to people serving God around the world. 

As the ministry has developed we have started to assist with the projects right at their outset.  By assisting with master planning, site development and project facilitation. We do this by connecting the appropriate expertise with the correct project.

To do that, we rely on volunteers, who provide the expertise, experience, hands and hearts required to get the job done. Supporting them are the families, friends, church communities and others who provide everyone involved with vital financial and prayer support.

The full history of MMM

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